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Meo Tv Cccam

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Meo Tv Cccam

MEO is the commercial brand-name of a triple-play subscription home telecommunications service provided by Portugal Telecom. The service can be delivered either through ADSL2+, FTTH or Satellite link and is available throughout Portugal.

The service was started as a pilot test in the city of Lisbon in 2006 and was later extended to Porto and Castelo Branco, Portugal. The commercial launch of the ADSL2+ service took place in June 2007, and the satellite service took place in April 2008 operating in the Hispasat satellite, soon followed by the FTTH service.

The ADSL2+ and FTTH offers reach the several areas in Portugal and include broadband Internet services (at up to 200Mbit/s currently) as well as telephone service.

There were plans to launch a new digital television DVB-T service also under the meo brand known as meo TDT.

The television channel line-up includes the Portuguese version of international channels such as:

  •     AXN
  •     FOX
  •     Syfy
  •     MTV
  •     Disney Channel
  •     National Geographic Channel
  •     Eurosport

And several European Football club television channels such as:

  •     Barça TV
  •     Benfica TV
  •     Chelsea TV
  •     Manchester United TV
  •     Real Madrid TV

It currently competes with SONAECOM's IPTV offer Optimus Clix, Vodafone Portugal's IPTV offer, ZON Multimédia Cable and Satellite offer and Cabovisão Cable offer.